Describe a teacher that you remember most

I consider myself lucky to be taught by tons of wonderful teachers throughout my academic years. Because of their personality and quality teaching, I realize that I grow up more and have a passion on self-learning and enhancing my knowledge. Such a teacher I get impressed most is Ms Thuy or Brandy Duong who taugh me the standard American Pronunciation.

Throughout a reference from my close friend, I found and came into contact with EZAP Center. Initially, I thought Ms Thuy would be like any teachers teaching at some English Center in HCMC. At the first day of the course, I and my classmate were surprised about how she treated and taught us. It was extraordinary, I mean the way she inspired us, the way she created a dynamic atmosphere, the way she always made us make mistakes.

She was very punctual, stringent and patient but very cute. Be inspired by her unique way of teaching, so I was fond of coming to the class and practicing to speak English. Sometimes we kept a milktea straw on our mouths or both run and pronounce on the ladders, it’s like studying while working out. It’s really fun and excited.

She took care of every members of my class. Especially, she educated us a lot of life skills through the awesome methods she taught. I always remember an advise from her: “you must change, no matter what it’s better or worse, you will realize where you make mistakes, then you can fix it and improve yourself.

I would say Ms Thuy has a great influence in my education and my life. She inspired me so much, thanks for her, I love learning English more and feel more mature and confident.