Describe a place where you often go to relax

I’m going to share with you an awesome place that I often go to relax on the weekends, which is a short street with many book stores and coffee shops. I mention to Nguyen Van Binh – the book street of HCM city.

I really love reading book and I think it is a good habit which I can enhance my knowledge, improve my concentration and have a stronger critical thinking. That book street is a wonderful place for me to visit frequently and enjoy tons of significant books.

There are many publishing houses located there such as Nha Nam, Thai Ha and First News. Besides, book coffee shops are also interesting places to spend allday reading and tasting coffee. Because of  many old trees planted on the street, this place is very cool and fresh without air conditioner. Separated from the hustle and bustle of Sai Gon lifestyle, book street makes me feel so peaceful and comfortable. I can focus on a  personal project such as  reading book, review my week without being interrupted by other people.

Furthermore, the atmosphere there with many young generation reading and improving themselves encourages me to have a great motivation to study harder. I love this place so much and I think it is also suitable for every young man who is passionate about reading book.