Some people say that too much attention and too many resources are given in the protection of wild animals and birds. Do you agree or disagree about this opinion?

IELTS Writing Sample 6 – Protection of wild animals and birds

It has long been considered that protecting wildlife is the responsibility shared by all humans. There are some people, however, who argue that this topic is being given too much attention and that the resources allocated to wildlife’s protection are much higher than they should be. While I agree that we are making great efforts to ensure the safety of wild animals, I do not believe that these efforts are being misplaced.

One of the reasons why we are not wasting our money, time or other resources on these tasks is that the results of our endeavors are still largely inadequate. Each year, the number of extinct animals still rises, and there are still poachers and consumers of animal products who are untouched by the laws. Clearly, the fact that we have not finished the task of protecting the animals of our planets suggests that more, not less, efforts and attention should be given to this.

Secondly, the protection of wile species of animals or birds can benefit us in many ways; therefore, it should not be considered a waste of our investment. For example, the Chinese’s successful breeding program of giant pandas have not only managed to save these animals from the brink of extinction, but also generated great amounts of revenue from tourism activities to their pandas’ zoos. Similarly, reservation areas in Africa, the original purpose of which was to help protect wild animals such as lions or giraffes, also welcomes flocks of tourists every year. It appears that by spending and focusing on protecting animals, we are also encouraging tourism and earning ourselves profits much greater than our initial investment.

In short, I am skeptical of the idea that we are spending too much on wild animals’ and birds’ protection. On the contrary, as the arguments above have pointed out, we should invest even more in ensuring the safety of Earth’s biodiversity. Only by doing so can we both fulfill our responsibility with other animals, while still benefit ourselves greatly.